How would YOU do preseason?

Guess who the preseason changes benefit the most. Why am I not suprised, its {{champion:157}} as per usual. This champions has been a constant mess since release because his kit is just too overloaded to balance properly and no, its not because I get "rekt" by Yasuo. I actually play {{champion:43}} and just snare him and then burst him down and use my brain on item builds. Believe it or not {{item:3025}} works pretty well against him early. However what really bugs me is this. Riot put so much glorification into him and {{champion:64}}, they seem to ignore all the other champions in favor for champions that THEY PERSONALLY think is cool. I have seen so many interviews when they have made stupid comments about both of them. That April Fools joke a few years about {{champion:64}} is turning out to be completely true. Notice that anything that is AP and has a few skillshots is totally neglected for auto-attack based champs like {{champion:157}} and all the new ADC's that they totally DID NOT NEED to change. So I want to ask the general League Community. If you were made director of Riot for a day, and you could change ONE thing about the preseason changes. What would you stop and why? I think I would get Riot to remove crit from the game because its far too much a luck based state that can be so heavily abused by both {{champion:157}} and {{champion:23}}. Magic cannot crit so I fail to see why AD based champs can. Either that or I would add crit chance onto {{item:3285}} or {{item:3089}} in order to create some balance.
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