Zoe Neeko Sylas, are they really good designs

1. **Zoe**, that Q one shot (maybe back in days but it is still achievable) Remember why riot reworked Nidalee? 2. **Neeko**, right, we all seen what she was doing. She has the perfect passive that maybe should be on leblanc. Q and E somehow remind me of Zoe, A minion block free Zoe, and of course how can we forget about that ult. Extended Super Charged vision of Amumu+Zyra ult, with a little bit of flaw, 1.25s channeling, seems long right, but is it? 3. Sylas, anyone noticing the top half tank playstyle? Feel like tanky ekko all over again. Passive Aoe, Q nice in trade, W massive heal, dash cc shield and of course whatever you have is mine. Man that heal is a total joke Zoe steals your active, Neeko steals your Identity, Sylas steals your ult _**What Is Wrong With The Design Team, You Can't Come Up With New Skills AnyMore? Do You Have To Do The Copy Thing To Keep Your Job? **_ Don't tell me it's me don't know how to lane or counter them. I can tell when something is wrong. What happened to designs like Jhin, Yasuo (Yasuo is a great design on some level, he has very high playability), Thresh, or even Pyke, Yorick, when you see them you wouldn't naturally think oh I have seen this somewhere. Not just play style, also the background story, these three champions just not as exciting as others, besides Sylas I guess, the whole uprising is pretty cool. Open The store, go to Champions, Click on SHow Owned, display by Release Date, and Try to think about champions one by one and you might just understand what I mean. Everyone(Maybe most) is so special. besides these three. Is These three champions good design to you?
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