About AA range indicator

Why dont we have an option to enable AA range indicator permanently, so instead it only shows when u hover over the stats of the character or when u use an attack move(A or Q key by default) but then u have to press left click to execute the whole command.We cant even use the AA range on the smartcast version of the attack move(attack move click). So we have permanent range indicators on champions ablilities,but not on AA indicator range.I think if we have that option, it will help so many players including myself because i like to always be aware of the champions range in any given moment.It will also be useful for the adc role to get the feeling of the champion range and help them to position themself properly in teamfights and ofc for the other roles,as the new players will find it helpful aswell. And i know that many players before me asked Riot for this option,because this current AA range indicator is quite usseles and honestly it is shameful that Riot didnt respond for such request by many players,because moba game as big as LoL should already have that option. Sorry for the long post.Upvote so Riot can see this.
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