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Hello, I noticed that if u play a game, but you played well, u lose same LP of others. Would be perfect if who play good, and loose , dont loose the same amount of LP of who AFKED, or TROLLED, or have zero kills/assist/partecipation to objectives.... come on, we went on the moon, we arent capable to do an algorithm that understand who did good and who did NOT ?????????????????????????????????????? SO: score=0, LP Lost = 20 score = 100, LP Lost=0 score += % Towers done (0-20%) , if ur team did 3 towers, and u partecipated in 1, ur towers score is 20/3 score += % Players killed (0-20%), if ur team did 10 kills ,and u partecipated in 1, ur kills score is 20/10 .. ex u have 10 assist, 20/1, so u got the max. score += % of time u Moved on the map............................

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