How do you get an S+ on Soraka? Seriously....?

I just went 0/1/22 on Soraka and only got an A - I have achieved worse scores on several other champs and got S+ etc. I have reached Rank 7 mastery on other sups such as Janna and Karma. But I cannot find a way to get an S+ on Soraka. (Over 200,000 mastery points playing her. Only a few times got an S or S -) Riot, seriously how do you get an S+? You either have to show us what actually is used to score the matches and give the grades, or make it easier for the healing sups that dont get kills, such as Soraka. (And dont say, just get better lol!, I have won a insane win to loss ratio as Soraka, its just too damn hard to get an S+ with her)
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