What i think Pyke’s best damage will be.

From what I have seen, Pyke’s AD ratios on his abilities are a _bit_ bad (cause he’s a supp, who don’t build damage usualy). So the first thought I had was a crit-burst build and after thinking about it for a bit came up with this: **Lane: Top (he would get poked out mid)** Summoners:{{summoner:4}} {{summoner:12}} or {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}} **Primary Runes:** Domination Hail of Blades (as this will be out by the time Pyke is) Sudden Impact Zombie Ward Ravenous Hunter/Relentless Hunter **Secondary Runes:** Resolve Bone Plating Second wind **Or** Inspiration Minion Dematerialiser Magic Footware **Items:** Stormrazor (this isnt in boards pictures yet) {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}}{{item:3147}} or {{item:3071}} (pick one of duskblade or b.c based on enemy’s comp, you could also swap this out for {{item:3033}}, {{item:3036}}, {{item:3156}}, ect) and any variation of {{item:1001}} **Why?** Well i chose crit because it grants burst potential and follow up damage. The burst of the crit in this build comes from Hail of Blades, giving three, fast attacks to get your target low enough for your ult to execute quickly and stormrazor helping early burst, before your 2 zeal items and new i.e 100% crit, and attack and movespeed throughout. Preferably you could also have them stuned before your burst, so they don’t escape. {{sticker:vlad-salute}} *Bye for now!* *Crablobster10*
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