Dear Rito: Please stop playing whack-a-mole with junglers

Junglers in S5 seem to me to have a disadvantage across the board, as opposed to S4. It's harder to keep up with laners than it was in the past, and people are naturally gravitating towards champs with an optimal mix of clear speed, sustain, and gank potential. Nobody wants a handful of champions to become auto-picks, but the solution to this is NOT to continue nerfing jungle champs. This just makes the average XP gap between jungler and laner even broader, and ruins those champs in lane. Warwick got gutted, Rek'Sai got nerfed hard, Fiddlesticks got nerfed, Jarvan got nerfed, Vi is taking a big hit now, when does it stop? Hopefully the PBE changes to facilitate tanky junglers will help promote pick diversity, because this trend in jungler nerfs needs to be checked, IMHO.
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