I am seriously the worst player in the world. (TFT)

I just got our of my placements in TFT with going 8th place in every single match. Somehow I got placed it Iron 2 rather than Iron 4. But Even if the worst players in the world are down in Iron elo, I'm still sitting at a 100% 7th-8th place under the cap of 15 games. I seriously don't like Card games, I hate them infact cause of all the RNG that it's based on. My friends have complained that I should pick up TFT at least and try it at least one time. My friend forced me into ranked for like 8 games in row (was extremely boring to me) and I didn't get anything done. I'm learning the game little by little, but even if I get the best start possible. I somehow end up last anyway. I'm legit the worst player in TFT, and I do win the cup for the worst Cards player in the world. BUT SERIOUSLY WHY AM I STILL PLAYING THIS SHIT WHEN IM CLEARLY NOT HAVING FUN PLAYING IT!
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