Supp item changes

Okay. So, imo&tldr, just don't.. Thing is, that i really don't think that vision should be, like, enforced in the game. For supps or not. It may be a core part of the supp gameplay. Though junglers have exactly the same responsibility to ward around the map, hence the lee item. Yet, there are other ways to get it... And many cases where one doesn't - the moments where the supp, well, fails. And the enemy team can make use of it. However, if the wards are pretty much spammable (to an extent ofc), one doesn't have much space for mistake - and the thing that would happen is to make playing supp feel rather straight-lined. A thing that can even turn you down, especially if you prefer to help/def your adc, rather than going in. Jungler ganks around the map? Oh please... You know... don't get me wrong, as a supp main, i have a rater high winrate as _support_ - like 80%.. save for the cases where i mess up completely or we have trolls/yasuo mains/other amazing league treasures (in s1, didn't have time to go on higher). And... the amount of games i buy ss is ~10%. When i play Bard, or need the 20% item cdr, or if we need a lot vision and real hard. And i get S/S+ in pretty much 50% of the games. And tons of honor, report supp carry etc. Thing is, that (okay i don't know what happens in dia elo, however the game there is different as a whole) that if the team knows what they are doing, they can ward the map well even without a ss. I also like the utility item i can rush early on - not only can i more freely cover minions which the adc can't last hit, but, supp role is pretty much all about clever cds - isn't it? In lane or later, in a teamfight... or even in a mere gank, as we have the Rede item or raka ult. A thing i actually expected to see in the insp tree... It would be okay if we could choose if we prefer to have a sightstone as our t3 supp item. Or something else, so it ain't feel like a wasted item slot till really late game if we keep the t2 one and use the gold we get for something better. The way it is now...
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