I want to quickly talk about the champ Soraka. This is by no means an analysis on the champ but a discussion on why I believe this champ has been over nerfed. After playing a lot of games with this champ I strongly feel that her Q and E are high risk and very low reward abilities. First of all I only want to talk about her Q and E abilities only just to make this discussion small. I feel soraka’s Q puts her in high risk and is one of the easiest abilities to dodge. In the whole game the only time I user her Q is in team fights when enemy champs don’t focus on me and I have enough time to spam my abilities. However, team fights is but a small part of the average 40mins rift game. Also, with runes soraka can have a decent health regen which means that most of the time in a lane you wouldn’t need to use this ability for the rejuvenation bonus. The ability Q also slows the enemy champ and speeds up soraka when she’s running away from the champ. It can be passed on allies if they are healed by soraka. To execute Q you have to close up to the enemy champ and a good player will always get one hit on you. Someone like blitzcrank or thresh will demolish you if you go near. On the other hand champs like morgana and lux will snare you to death. It's obviously easy to use Q on meele champs but bot lane always has ranged ADC and i only see soraka in bot lane. This means the rejuvenation bonus is useless if it means that soraka will just get hurt in the process. I do know that it was really easy to execute this ability before and that meant soraka had a huge sustain advantage. However , if someone plays soraka now, the range and the radius of Q is so small that the risk is too high to take. You might as well let your base health regen heal you over time. Some people may use Q for poke but seriously, you will run out of mana fast and are likely to get hurt in the process. For soraka her health is more important for providing support than her mana so you’re not actually playing soraka properly. Also the damage it does is negligible and the radius is so small that you can hardly farm ( if you ever wanted to) with it as oppose to Lux’s E. The Q also gives her speed when running away from enemy champ but it’s so small that I feel like it might as well not be there. When it comes to you being chased, executing the Q will require precision and time and the small extra bonus speed it provides will not be important as oppose to let’s say using volibear’s Q to get that extra movement speed. It's just better to run than do a Q on a enemy champ whilst running for that extra movement speed boost. My suggestion is to make her Q’s radius bigger ( just a little). Also, increase the speed bonus it provides so that soraka has more utility. Why is it that a champ like soraka can hardly deal any damage plus has no mobility and still lacks utility? She can hardly play alone and needs an ally next to her and is easy to gank or even pick on in team fights with CC or AOE. Since she needs to be so close to the spread out allies in a team fight, all the enemy has to do is to pick on her whilst she is running around healing. She is squishy enough to die in 1 burst combo of most champs. I should also mention that in a team fight soraka should focus only on healing meaning your team has 1 less player that will deal damage or tank damage. Her healing is her contribution to the team and since you heal with sacrificing your health, any damage done to your health will not only mean reduced healing but also reduced damage (as healing any ally means it will do more damage). Her base movement speed is also very low and her passive helps in but very few situations. She is so easily countered in most situations to the point that this champ is not rewarding even in the right hands. People say she has great sustain but her W has been nerfed early game with huge CD and reduced healing. This champ has suffered a lot of nerfs I think. With the recent buffs to the support items she is playable but I honestly believe her Q and E need more working on. Moving onto her E. Her E is so useless with its low radius and high CD that I hardly even use it. Firstly the silence part followed by rooting enemies makes this a great ability hence why it has high CD. However, the radius is so small that enemies easily get out of it before being stunned and the silence may not even matter in this case. If LOL wanted to give it a low radius then at least give it a lower CD as well. I would personally suggest to give it a bigger radius so that atleast she can escape some ganks. A support with no mobility and hardly any utility is harsh. Not to mention how quickly she will die from ganks. In team fights this ability is handy but then again a single ability should not be useful for 1 situation in the whole game. Maybe LOL should look at her pick and win rate after the nerfs and decide from there forth if the champ needs a buff or not. I appreciate any suggestions and I do want to say that please play with her now and then tell me what you think of her. She has been through some nerfs.
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