What is it that Zed really needs?

So i've created multiple account in different region since ive been traveling lately, so the ping is acceptable. in those account i only test out Zed just to see how he performs in different region. And i keep coming back to the same outcome, and that he's really is not fun to play anymore. he lacks damage, CC, wave clear and also his W cd is exceptionally high at 22 second rank one. and since he lacks damage he needs electrocute proc to poke which needs W E and double Q which is not the easiest to do, compared to a Talon that only needs to hit the first part of W then Q in to re-direct the W. Zed is an awkward champ in the laning phase since he needs to either wait for the wave to be in a optimal position or walk out in the open then use W E Q poke since Q deals reduced dmg through target such as minion. Plus Zhonya, Stopwatch and Bard ult is such a pain to deal with as Zed because they stay in stasis form for 2.5 second and Zed ult is 3 second... a 0.5 second gap to deal dmg or you just wasted your ult. And im still confused why a bruiser like Darius get a built-in Armor penetration and not an assassin like Zed. and if you still say that Zed is strong because you've seen these Zed montages then good for you. because in order for Zed to do a 1v3 he need to be mad fed for example level and item advantages. Just remove the Q dmg reduction and give him some armor pen and maybe have a effect when you hit a triple Q like Azir triple soldier. just nah, ill need to wait for Zed changes because he's dying or probably dead compared to like a neeko.
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