Ok so I NEED to know the thought process of Riot when it comes to Nasus and the recent buff

Ok so this been bothering me for a long god damn time and I would like to see an ACTUAL reasoning to why Riot are doing this. For doing a change in a patch note there have to be a reason and a thought process to it right?? Even before they buffed him stacking his Q he was very very strong in the right hands, a scaling nasus could be impossible to handle if the player is good and the enemy team not sure how to deal with it. I understand that higher ELO have othjer issues than lower ELO and also the skill level vary on how big this issue is and better players can handle a fed champion better. But my problem here is that its WAY too easy to do well on this champ. Also I do understand people will comment like " well u ahve to do this and this and this" and I can be thankful for some tips but at the same time the problem is still its waaay too easy to be an unkillable nasus just one shotting people.. Honestly Riot I wiould love to understand how u thinking about this champ. First he is alrdy op, he literally builds %%%%ing pure tank so h e cant die most of the time and give u alot of room for errors while playing him, ur slow is so op u cant literally escape it, before slow is over its off cd and u reslow the enemy, and then u run up and click Q on them and they die. HOOOW is this good mechanics, I could handle the occasional nasus before, and sometimes yes they not very good or team dealt with him in a proper way BUT then changing "hmm lets make him stack his q much faster and better"??? I honestly need to understand what u thinking about this, its frustrating me sooo badly..... I wont claim being a high elo player im like silver now and highest Ive been cross my accs are Gold 1/Play 5 and as I said i do understand this is a bigger or less of a problem depending on elo and skill level of the players in the match. but srsly Riot do you think before buffing/nerfing certain champs at all? /A very frustrated player :/
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