[TFT][LONG-POST] Things the game mode could benefit from, before moving out of Beta

TFT is a good game mode, with lots of interesting features, but that is plagued by various factors that needs to be addressed, and possibly fixed or reworked if it want a full release out of Beta and more importantly, ranked matches. ADDITIONS: First, there are a few additions that already people have mentioned before, match recap, and possibly match replays. it would help a lot players to understand where they played wrong, and how they can improve. A good way to be able to understand the game would be the possibility to add custom games with bots like normal games, and maybe a practice tool to be able to.... practice and understand the game. BUGS: There are also a few bugs in the game, like when you pick a character in the carousel, if you have a maxed bench, the picked character would go in play, even if the max number of characters allowed is already in play ! In a case like this, having a temporary bench that you have to manage before doing anything else would be nice, be it to sell the character, or to exchange it with another champion on the board or the bench and sell that exchanged champion. Another bug present at this time is the "champs don't move or attack" bug. while this just needs a patch and not a rework, I don't know if people have identified the source of this bug, maybe a tile not available at a certain point, and not updating its status properly. REWORK: The first rework is simple, instead of having different colored health bars, the player should be able to see his health bar in green and the others in red. It is the main component that would help the player see where his character is in the carousel phase. The second rework should be the carousel. As stated before, it is good but problematic, and a few answers to that have emerged. It would actually be nice to have the champions in a straight line, and have the characters queue at the center, advancing to a certain point, to each get released at regular interval at the same point to go and take a champion. The start phase would have all characters at the same spot, with characters able to move through each other. EDIT: The third rework would be in game matchmaking. if you are last, the game automatically pits you against the best players, sometimes a few rounds in a row, like it is trying to push players with low health out of the game. and if you don't manage to find a win, don't find the champs you need, and have no items, it will be a downward spiral that will lead to your loss. On this occasion, it would be nice to have a player rotation, meaning you can't fight a player again before you have played all other remaining players first EDIT: The fourth rework would be the biggest, one on which players would benefit greatly : item management. As far as I have seen in my games, items have a random chance of drop, and a randomizer on the item you get. Problem is, in late game, a player with the same composition as you and with the same character level will trounce you if they had lots of items, and the correct kind, meaning mainly attack oriented items and you only had a few defensive items. Without control on item drops, the game turns into a big gamble coming into late game, and in a ranked match where the main focus is tactics, no one wants to lose just because of luck and not, in this case, strategy skill. (champions shop is also somewhat based on luck if you are dead set on a comp, but much more manageable, and the point of this part is to be able to remain flexible and think, so I will count it as a non luck feature) There would be two ways to balance it out. the first thing to do would be to buff defensive items, but would require a lot more balancing as the game mode evolves. The second would be to introduce a fixed item drop, meaning everyone would drop the same number of items in environment fights, and add to that an exchange system. This system would provide some due control over items on a certain extent. This exchange system could take a few forms, but would always remain placed under the control of the main soft currency of the game mode : gold. First form : players would all have an item shop like the champion shop, the shop would evolve from round to round, without item rerolls, and it would be an asynchronous shared shop, meaning all have the same items in the shop at the same time, but one player buying an item would not make it bought to someone else. Second form : players could choose to exchange their items, and be able to choose another item of the same value according to the same kind of asynchronous shop explained earlier. That or just give a few possibilities according to the item you want to exchange. To make it fair and not have people abusing it, exchanging an item would require a gold commission according to the item level and usefulness. Third form : roughly the same as the second form, but this time introduce an item currency, selling an item would give you such currency, and you could use this currency to buy other items in the same kind of asynchronous shop.Players could also exchange gold for it, at a fixed rate of 4/6 gold per item money for example. the exchange could be done both ways to ensure control over both currencies and adjust play styles accordingly. A last thing to have for items would be the possibility to merge items before assigning them to a champ, because in some cases, you are stuck because you placed one item on a champ, and you want the two other items to synergize on that same champ, but you are stuck because there is that one item that you put first. I know there is a lot in there, but I would love to hear what would people say on such ideas

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