I need someone to help me, i keep losing ranked games

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Hey, so i started off season 6 in bronze 5 and i managed to silver 2 with 70+ LP, but now i just keep losing games, i went on an amazingly long losing streak (i really dont know what happens) but im now in silver 3 with 34 LP, i don't know what happens, it seems like i always play with bad players and get smurfs on the enemy team, i DONT get it, i also suck myself, even though i try and practice alot, i keep sucking, my team keeps sucking as well and i dont know how to stop this losing streak, i've taken breaks, went on urf, aram, normals, to practice and to set my mind off of things but i just DONT improve anymore and its starting to annoy me REALLY bad, can someone please give me advice, tips, similiar experiences that you have/had, how to deal with it... i would GREATLY appreciate it, thanks! PS: ill leave my lolskill in here just so you can see how bad i've been playing and you can see my teammates as well
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