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Hello everyone! For some time now I've been trying my hands on support in ranked. I've been playing adc mostly but I've been playing adc to passivly so I didn't think the role fit me enough. Other than that I've been playing midlane, but my midlane just isn't good enough... perhaps if I really focus on it, but my farming really sucks. I guess it's because I am used to the quick response from adc's and midlaners do less minion damage and their response timer is slower... so I miss minions more often. (I've trained last hitting in the sandbox but it doesn't really help). So in the end I wanted to try support. I think my support is the best, I pick nami most of the time... she is a safe first pick and she works with a lot of the adc's. I play her quite aggressivly, I poke the enemy a lot and early in laning phase we mostly win. The problem I'm struggling with is when teamfights happen. Usually there is a lane that didn't go so well, the team starts to fail... and I wish I could carry the game. I try to shotcall certain objectives but the team doesn't really respond to them... for instance, the whole enemy team is chasing one of our laners on botlane... and the others are picking their noses instead of taking top tower. I can't really push a lane on my own because I have to assist my team. What I am looking for in this topic is some advice on how to best assist my team to victory or how to carry as a support. Thank you for taking your time to read this! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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