Why do i find Kayn underwelming(gameplay)? when i was excited during the reveal...

TL;WR: i find him underwelming: he isn't as unique as what aurelion was while still lacking the dynamics and good feeling that a character with a skillset so basic should have to** feel unique** Even if my impression may not be yours, do you have similar feeling about him? what do you think of him? (obviously style-wise, nobody care about stats, tankyness/damage output, thoses come and go with patch. i am not interested in "flavour of the month" kind of stuff) --------------------------------- HI, i like the champ when he was anounced, and even if he is the Apex of " 2 D4rk 4 U " i still like his style and was excited (last champ i was existed was aurelion and he is the reason i keep playing) but then i got disapointed, his spells looks so ... basic, while still lacking "impact", "feel" when you use them. - His slashy-dash doesn t feel exciting (to the point were i wouldn t have been surprised if it was a passive after using X ability or when Y have a mark on him it empower your basic attack into this (like rengar's jump when he attak from a bush)) maybe it helps to know that its a copy from Rakan's W ? but rakan have feeling when you use it, this one look so basic, its just a slash with near no particle... (a shame for a demonic scythe) - His E is just Sion's Q with Fiora's riposte hitbox.. his ult is nice but its a "inactivity for 3 sec" kind of ult and so is his E when, sure its a great movement skill (E) i like it but since you can t do ANYTHING while using it.... i dont know, i cant feel exited about his skillset, maybe like i said above: the lack of "unique feel" plus the low quality animations (W+E) and the number of "time out" his build bring that make it underwelming to play. i mean the last two character i played regardless of the "feeling" they could offer while playing them was still a blast to play due to how unique they was. (moreover concidering that the (lack of)"feeling" you had when playing them is the reason why many do not play them) thoses character are {{champion:136}} and his unique passive+W that force you to play differently since your damage come from your balls and {{champion:68}} who his unique aspect come from his heat bar + his Q who force you to commit to your engage if you wanna deal damage. so yea sure they do not have a great feeling when you play them (unlike character like yasuo or riven), when you defeat someone you, in most case, didn t do it by "sick plays" + their animation is poor when fighting, **but all of thi was compensate by their unique skillset, how different it is to play them** (expecially {{champion:136}} , _rumble feels more gimmicky after a while_) compared the rest fo the champion pool. meanwhile Kayn is underwelming, the only "original" skill he have force a "time out" on you, and his animation (on W and E) are lacking. i am saying this while still having the impression of not being able to find and pinpoint THE thing i find underwelming. **maybe it's really the poor animation for a scythe wielder that i unconsciously find criminaly bad ? ** anyway i there someone who feel something similar ? regardless if you agree or not, what do you think of the new champions (and OBVIOUSLY i mean style/skill wize, i dont care abouyt his tankyness and damage output, thoses thing come and go with patch. someone who just press Q to win like killguy mac biceps isn t what make a champ enjoyable to play )
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