Tanks feel useless and unfun.

So I am trying to level all champs to level 5, since I just feel like it. I am trying lots of different builds on different champions so it feels refreshing each game. But I am just finding that every time I go a tank build, especially mr based, I just get absolutely destroyed by assassins, while the one thing tanks are supposed to do is take hits and be able to keep going, but I was taking the same amount of damage as my carries while they build full damage. It feels like you are so powerless when you play tanks against assassins, they still just 2 shot you, I discussed this with one of the players I played against, they said there was nothing I could do, the more mr I build, the less it seemed to do, even the non-assassin zoe was doing 1k with her bubble, it felt so pointless. I hope someone can give me some insight on what people would advice to keep tanks fun or to keep tanks relevant, since they are just useless in their current state it feels like.
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