Removing wards as a purchasable item was a big mistake

It's pretty much the biggest factor contributing to the current super fast meta we have going right now. Why? Because warding never really was the main factor for victory, in fact quite the opposite. Warding doesn't really win games, it's a lack of vision by a team that loses them, and because reliable vision is less of a factor right now, games end faster. People get caught/choked out of resources because as the map goes dark, they can't safely enter an area without the threat of death. That costs games, and it's why it is so easy to snowball right now. Now granted, it actually seems like Riot wants a faster paced game for the sake of competitive based on other changes made, but it doesn't change the fact that the massive nerfs to vision has brought about this super early game focussed meta, and snowballing/one sided games has been something Riot has traditionally been against. But then again consistency has never really been Riot's strong suit, so we shall see. The correct move would be to buff vision back up, but I'm almost positive a crap load of band-aid solutions will be implemented that sloppily try to fix this, without addressing the main issue.
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