You need to do something about Poppy.

This champion is stupidly broken and possibly the most anti-fun thing to play against at the minute. With CoftC she's stupidly obnoxious. Doesnt even build a single damage item anymore, gets more than 3K hp with 250+ armour/MR. 2 large shields, targetted CC. and despite all that, she still deals pretty decent damage due to sunfire and her Q % damage. It really annoys me when things like this happen, that you can still duel effectively and deal stupidly large amounts of damage, with NONE of the drawbacks of damage dealers. How is that fair? Just stack a huge amount of defensive stats and still be able to burst squishies, or outduel people. Same for the likes of hecarim etc. If that's the case, there is almost no reason to ever play a damage dealing champion, when you can just abuse this.
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