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LoL Statistics, Builds, Runes, Masteries, Skill Orders, Counters and Matchups for Vi when played Jungle. Statistics include Vi's Win Rate, Play Rate and Ban Rate. Counters include who Vi Jungle is Strong or Weak Against.
Vi sitting on 54,65% winrate last 5 patches. Vayne reaches 51% winrate OH MY GOD OP NO COUNTERPLAY - nerfed. Twitch reaches high winrate (I think it was like 53-54% not 100% sure) - OH MY GOD OP - nerfed. Ashe reaches 53% winrate OH MY GOD OP - nerfed! Jhin reaches over 52% winrate OH MY GOD OP - nerfed. Sivir finaly becomes decent OH MY GOD OP - nerfed. Every single adc wich becomes decent gets shit on, but TANKS? GOD FORBID! ARE YOU INSANE?! Better nerf UselessSuo who HAS counterplay, instead of bullshit like Vi & Maokai. Oh and also nerf all their items, while buffing the jungle & their itemization (for IE, a tank can get a defense item + boots) Vi? No, no it's okay for her to one shot everything while taking no damage and with a click of a button without aiming shit, but you know. What the %%%% is this logic? Is the point of the game to make everyone play tanks? Tank + Support botlane, tank mid, tank top, tank jungle and then have a %%%%ing clash of titans for 2 hours when the teamfight breaks out and no1 deals damage to anyone else? Can a RIOT-er who is above silver Elo, explain to me what the %%%% is going on in their HQ? Are they even using their brains or are they just going with "LETS GO WITH THIS SHIT, WHO GIVES A %%%% ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES!" I'm all for adc's being squishy, and one shot with ease, but making tanks take LITERALY 0 damage until the ADC is full %%%%ing build, renders the role un-neccesary. Some people are even starting to prioritize ziggs on %%%%ing botlane, due to the fact that ADC's are so %%%%ing useless, and have no early, or mid game. Even a %%%%ing support can 1v1 an ADC, wich makes no %%%%ing sense, since they are there to be SUPPORTING, a.k.a. CCing, disrupting, shielding healing. How about raising the price of some tank items, and lowering their stats, so that a %%%%ing 1item Maokai is no longer able to tank 5 people for a minute? Or introducing some cheaper AD items, so that if both ADC & toplaner afk farm for 20minutes, Toplane doesn't have 5 items, while ADC has 2. Also, how about thinking up of some NEW build paths, that are less painful, instead of saving 1300g for the MOST EXPENSIVE component in the game?!?! This game's becoming %%%%ing %%%%%%ed. Due to the fact that tanks keep recieving new items, and becoming more and more bullshit getting both offensive, and defensive stats at the same time. I'm not sure if the devs are trying to purposefully ruin the game, or make sure that AD carries are no longer present and all die out, but whatever the %%%% is their thought process, they should try working on BALANCING the game, instead of letting freelo champs do whatever the %%%% they please.
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