Remove Leave Buster from CO-OP vs AI

Recently I started having problems with internet, I play like 5-10 min in game then I disconnect... and after approx 1 min disconnected...same thing till end of the match where I am stuck and I can't reconnect because my team already finished the match and I have to leave because there's no other way to reconnect I got 2x leave buster 5 min and after that 10 min because of my internet and there's nothing I can do about it atm, I don't think ''my team needs me'' in co-op vs AI, I didn't leave the game, I didn't AFK, I was at the PC all the time waiting to reconnect, leave buster should be for farm bots, who would AFK in a Co-op Vs AI ?? So yea Rito remove leave buster in Co-op vs AI, I can't get IP or play normals cause of my Internet and I really want to play EDIT: For those who think that removing leavebuster from co-op vs AI is a bad ideea then why did the report leave/AFK thing is still there if leavebuster is doing all the work? They can remove leavebuster for co-op vs Ai and won't be any problems, players can report too not only leavebuster
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