Pickup Yasuo, only 399$

Hello im infinitebeing, a doctor and a expert in the field of champions Our company puts customers in top priority and that's why we brought you our awesome product that meets all your needs with out any of that lame stuff thats called "outplay potention" or any of that lame "fun to play against", At our company we're all about getting bad players all the kills they need without worrying about mana or dodging a skill shot! here are a few of the many features our product offers in the current marketplace: most champions that don't have mana get something in return that's kinda like mana (Ex. Akali) but guess what our product offers! Don't worry you still don't have mana, but we also put you a shield and no need to charge it up by even thinking of anything just walk! Do you need to chase/escape/dodge/clearwave? Well fear no more! you get to do all of that on a 0.1 seconds cooldown. and don't you ever think our product is a lame malee champion, our product still hits like a truck from ranged (with our highly developed technology your Q outranges any malee champion's autoattack obviously) and even if the lame malee champions even think of walking closer to you because you hit them with your Q just hit them with another one and follow up with our partner's product the "Pointblank tornado", don't worry it has zero counterplay! :D and aww man do you also get annoyed when the enemy spends all his gold on armor trying to counter you? well we made sure that your ultimate ignores all the funny armor they build and crush their dreams with an awesome animation that will haunt them in their dreams! and we also made our product special by not having to go through the lame build that all other normal champions go to when they need crit, our product provides "Double Crit", made entirely in our labs that will keep your gold safe to secure more damage! is the enemy throwing too many funny stuff that costs them mana that keeps getting blocked by your shield that you get from just walking? why even try just put out your W, that will keep them shut while you're farming minions or killing their allies! have a dumb caster champion in lane that keeps you from cs'ing? well just put W that lasts a while and clear the wave. got ganked? oh well just E through the minions. need to chase someone? oh well just E through minions or through the champion or tornado him (and if you want to get to him after tornado hit just R) need something AOE? just E-Q Need a armor pen Aoe that does damage? tornado into enemy team then R the normal champion against you ran out of mana? lmao you dont even have mana more sustain and you get a shield incase he tries to "counterplay yasuo" (we all know you cant outplay bruh) Written in small font on the end of the credits screen when the AD ends: their champion scales bad early? you don't their champion scales bad lategame? you don't their champion is trying to hit a skillshot? just keep E'ing through the minions (*Commercial voice says*: No need to worry about Mana or cooldown! that doesn't exist :D) AND you can also clear the wave while you're at it with your Q. ~ Cheers, Our leading company in making broken champions! Feel free to check out our other products like: -=--=- Zed -=-=- yet to come (stay tuned on our official website or official company facebook page)
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