lower the overall damage in the game pls?

i mean we all can agree that there is just way too much damage in the game, so can riot games please just turn down the damage by like 10 or 20% on every champ/summoner spell/item etc. ? every role is broken right now... every role has too much damage, even supporters can just oneshot or in case of lulu for example EQ and you are halflife. i really dont enjoy having a grey screen for 30s just because i got hit by for example 1 zoe Q from out of vision from an 0/8 zoe minute 15... or when any full tank comes lets say nautilus, he presses QWER makes like 1 or 2 aa aaaaaand im dead... yea fun i just got oneshot by a fulltank while i was perma cc'd by him and he didnt even take damage from turret because he is a tank and has aftershock idk
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