The silver/bronze botlane meta these days

I don't know, if anyone else has made this experience in the last time, but I'm gonna write a bit about my last games in the botlane: I'm a silver support, who mostly enjoys his role, even though I am {{item:3031}} , my adc's are {{item:3031}} and so is basically every player in the game. But normally I play with rational players. In the last days though, probably since the last patch, there has been a metachange, that basically killed the fun of playing in the botlane. I've had to deal with botlane partners like Ornn, Teemo or Malzahar and lane enemies like Vladimir, Mordekaiser, Nidalee or Yasuo. Even though I like experimenting, I hate, where this is going, since it is basically every game and it's either totally {{item:3031}} or totally overpowered, because the chosen champ is supposed to have a strong early game and there is no real possibility of fighting back, except asking your jungler, who is blindly chasing the new scuttle crab. So I want to ask: Has anyone else made this experience and maybe also has an advice which support champ I could pick to deal with my own laning partner, for example an Ornn with {{item:3302}} )?
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