Random Game Mode Queue is a joke

For the last 4 weeks we got Poro King {{summoner:30}} - It got slightly changed with new items {{item:3681}} {{item:3683}} {{item:3680}} {{item:3682}} , but after 2 games I already got heavily bored by it. Now we got for 2 weeks in a row Ascension{{champion:101}} ... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Seriously? Urf was lasting 2 weeks - 14 days - in 2015. Then there wasn't Urf but Draven Day{{champion:119}} in 2016 and Random Game Mode Queue got introduced. Also, it was officially said by Riot Games that the days Urf will be in Random Game Mode Queue will be as much as the normal URF event as in 2015, so no reason to worry. Would mean Urf should've been in 4-5 Queues, means 12-15 days How often was Urf in queue during the last year? 3 times (ArURF counted as well) And Ascension{{champion:101}} ? 6 TIMES - 8 with the two following. Poro King{{summoner:30}} ? 8 TIMES AS WELL So we got Ascension{{champion:101}} , a mode that stayed the same and NEVER changed with new items or maybe also having random picks in champ select (And Riot stated they don't want to repeat the same thing over and over again, hence the change in Urf with ArURF, but 8 times the same Ascension mode is fine){{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Then Poro King{{summoner:30}} , a mode that was 4 times the same, and 4 times the changed version, either way, it was overall 8 times as well, during the holidays it was already 4 times- in the time span of a month there was more of Poro King{{summoner:30}} than Urf in a whole year. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Seriously, this mode has so many fans, and with Riot making so many good decisions lately and listening to their playerbase so much suddenly with replays, sandbox mode and more. With all that, I don't understand why they seem to hate URF so much and deny its existence.
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