Plat IV is the new zoo

I was D5, now at plat IV and just stuck. Every game is the same, Trolls, afkers, feeders. It doesn´t matter if you go 10/0, meanwhile your botlane is 0/20. There is literally no normal games, always there is people who just die 1v1, 5 times in the first 10 minutes. This is just so dumb when you actually try to win but some dumbass decides nah not worth it and loses the game. Game is decided on who feeds the most or who goes afk. Map awareness is completely 0. Even if the map is lit up with wards people still only look a their own champion 90% of the time. They place wards for the sake of placing wards but don´t do absolutely anything with the information just to get their vision score up. Even when you ping that someone is coming, a lot of people think they have all the time in the world to get those 2 creeps and proceed to die anyway. As a Ivern jungle main it´s so frustrating. There is no way to choose which lane to help. You can get top darius 3 kills and a turret and see the guy just walk into the enemy jungle doing god knows what and just getting free shutdown. When I was D5 50lp or something and MMR was good I blamed myself alot when I lost because you can clearly tell when you could have done something different and better because people know what to do to some extent and it felt like a strategy game. But down here It´s literal fkin zoo.
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