Hi Summoners, Wanted to start a thread for sharing your most DAFUQ (WTF?!) moments in game, here are a few of mine; Main {{champion:2}} top, get matched against {{champion:420}} 3-games in a row, lose horribly. Decide to go ADC with {{champion:21}} enemy support... {{champion:420}} DAFUQ? Play ARAM, everyone gets a squishy mages, we all reroll, tankiest champ we get... {{champion:17}} DAFUQ? Get queued ranked with a Gold level 6 mastery {{champion:7}}, after 10-minutes is 0/5/0, "LB what you doin'?", "Sorry first time playing LB"... DAFUQ? Play {{champion:122}} top, get fed by enemy {{champion:17}}, chase him with 10% HP into bush, entire enemy team is waiting in bush... DAFUQ? Save 6300 IP to buy {{champion:236}} , one day later gets nerfed... DAFUQ? Get {{champion:4}} in ARAM, teammate begs me to trade for {{champion:22}} says "[he] main TF", do trade, disconnects 2 minutes into game... DAFUQ? Get matched with 2-kids arguing over who said "jgl" first, both go jungle, we win game. Team kills = 35, Jungle's kills = 0...DAFUQ? Teammate {{champion:15}} goes AFK, "Report Sivir for AFK", "No! I'm here, just finishing this level of AngryBirds"...DAFUQ? First time playing {{champion:8}}, team sucks, ACED twice and waiting for 20 minutes to /ff, team vote fails, support {{champion:432}} says "no surr, we win, Vlad can carry us"...DAFUQ? Team takes down Baron while enemy is defending base, run through bush to push top enemy {{champion:17}}'s mushrooms ACE us... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} DAFUQ?

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