Morde nerf

Hi. I'm writing about the future mordekaiser nerfs: we know his winrate and playrate is high this means he is op and he will be nerfed. I'm really worried about this. :( He is the champion I always dreamed about: he is AP so our team will have mixed dmg when our mid is an OTP {{champion:238}} / {{champion:157}} tryhard king so we dont have to be full ad, he is one of my favourite type champion a juggernaut (I play fighters and tanks next to juggernaut) and he is easy to play which is also important to me. What do you think how will they balance him? I'm afraid that they will overnerf him. But I need an easy to play ap toplaner if i have to do it for my team. Yes I know about the cancer whick one we don't call his name bc he will appear {{champion:17}} but I don't feel I can kite well with him. Also when I play T I always get camped. When the enemy has him toplane doesn't exists for our jg. Riot pls don't hurt Morde too much. Also do something with {{champion:223}} pls. He is unbeatable with melee champions. Ty for ready and have a nice day! :)
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