After playing with my low elo friend, few points i must make.

Vayne is really good, and extremely powerful but please respect her squishyness and early game weakness and high skillcap and it is not your supports falut that you're being insta-bursted. Splitpushing constantly can win games in low elo but please do analyse the situation, there are times when splitpushing is hurting your team and they need you for team fights. Please pay attention to losing towers and your tower damage and base it off your roaming, if you have no turret health and you want to roam, bear in mind you're giving free gold to the opposition by letting them push towers and losing your lead. Invading please be aware this is HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD overstaying after securing one kill is going to increase your risk of being aced level 1, remember people spawn and theres near enough 0 timers at the start. KS Is a kill secure, this isnt call of duty and you are not special we are all in the same boat and everyone deserves gold, if you support gets a kill don't flame for KS its extremely immature and boring and says a lot about your character irl. People are not in control of your mouse or keyboard, if you get caught or hooked it was because YOU was out of position, or YOU didnt have any vision or YOU didnt react effectively, no one is baiting you if you die its down to your OWN gameplay Finally STOP TILTING. I'm not sure if this is an EUW thing or global. The game is not over at first blood. The game is not over if they baroned. The game is not over if someones having a bad game. People give up INSTANTLY and they have no idea that they are the reason the game is being thrown flaming, going afk is just securing your loss even harder.
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