just wondering isnt it also time that temo gets a bit off a overhaul ? toomuch gameplay againstHIM

title + i love teemo . and i just wonder if there's a rioter out there with anything regard teemo ? i try to climb elo with teemo but alrdy in champselect i get flamed at for picking him even if mid is AD . while ik the reason for why they flame me its still stupid that i have to bare with it just cu'z its my main man '' aka my name ref '' wich kinda tilts me alrdy early in the game and on top of that they wont gank help or ping for you (just cu'z ur teemo) also i wonder if there is anything planned on how sight works on teemo . the only one really counterd by a pink ward is teemo. (while we have trinket sweeper wich makes more sense) + the fact that he is just not that exciting anymore since the last 1 day hype on he's reworked R . + he hasn't been in the meta also for age's any info would be great cheers

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