I think we can all agree here that Ekko need some nerfsor changes to his kit

His kit is just overloaded for an assasin.Yes,assasins should be able to get in quicky in fights,burst their targets and get out.But the problem with Ekko is that he can do much more than that. He can shield himself,he can slow and stun multiple targets with his AoE spell(W) ,his nuking abliity (Q) can also slow multiple targets and on top with all that crowd control he can stick to with his passive so u can never escape alive. Assasins should quickly kill champs and safely get out,i have no problem with that,but assasins also should not have so much crowd control and utility overall. He is just basically Talon and Zed merged with Viktor into the one champ. Also his ultimate should give him less healing.since it is AoE nuke spell and with 1.3 ap ratio and his main escape tool. So imo,remove some slows from his kit or his ability to shield himself and then he will be balanced assasin..
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