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To preface the following post, this isn't meant to be a rant. This is meant to be the thoughts on the current PBE changes going on right now (most of the thoughts are relatively negative but hear me out please) As a counterbalance, I will be trying to give my personal opinions on each of the changes that would make them more healthy if applicable. With that out of the way, let us begin. As we all know, Riot tends to make tentative changes that may or may not end up in the live servers after a period of testing on the PBE. Oftentimes bad changes go through while good ones don't. Almost all of the current changes at the moment though, are extremely questionable. DISCLAIMER: I am not faulting Riot or their balance team with any of this at all. For all we know, none of the changes may make it to live servers. This post is simply to add in my two cents on the changes and how massive impact they can have on things that they're not meant to. -Starting off with **Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper** A very new kind of ''support'' that's never before been seen. I won't be going into too much detail here since it is a new champion but let's dive in. -**His passive** A regeneration passive when unseen by enemy champions, regenerating a percentage of health lost to enemy champion attacks. A very unique concept that just... doesn't really fit a support. I would be more understanding of it if he was an assassi-oh wait, that's exactly what he is. This part could very well be changed to a lower percentage of health lost to all damage sources, but that would be far too similar to Tahm Kench' Grey Health mechanic. The second part of this passive is that all bonus health is gained as AD. Very similar in vein to Vladimir's passive with the twist that Pyke physically will not gain the health, only the transformed AD. Again, a unique concept that feels a little wasted on a champion that is meant to be a support. It forces him to go all-out damage whilst most likely forgoing all the traditional support items after stacking his Relic Shield up. -**Bone Skewer** Tapping the Q key stabs in front of Pyke, dealing damage (seems to be 50% reduced for any targets after the first which isn't said anywhere) and slowing all targets hit by 90% for 1 second. It fits his theme of being this in-your-face kind of close quarters fighter, so no real complaints here. Holding the Q key charges up Pyke's harpoon and on release throws it out, pulling the first enemy hit a fixed distance towards him, damaging and slowing them by 90% for 1 second. It seems to work as Pyke's initiation tool, pulling a vulnerable enemy in range for the attacks of his teammates and his other abilities. No complaints about the ability at all, this one is just fine and dandy. -**Ghostwater Dive** Activating it gives Pyke a massive movement speed buff that decays over 5 seconds, as well as giving him Camouflage for the duration. Is cut short by all attacks initiated by Pyke as well as activating your trinket(?). Returning to my earlier point of Pyke's passive not fitting a support character and feeling wasted, this one is very similar. It gives Pyke unprecedented roaming potential but... that's all it is. Personally I'd love to see the ability be a short burst of movement speed that stays for 3 seconds even after he's out of the Camouflage at the cost of reducing the movement speed buff itself. -**Phantom Undertow** Pyke dashes towards your cursor and leaves behind a drowned phantom. After a short time the phantom returns to Pyke, dealing damage and stunning all enemies it hits. This ability on its own isn't anything remarkable. It is Pyke's only form of direct mobility and it has an easily telegraphed backlash when the phantom is left behind. I'd like to see Pyke's initial dash dealing some percentage of the damage and slowing the targets he goes through by let's say 20-60% until the phantom starts moving. The stun duration could stay the same or even increased to up to 1.8s for the potential loss in DPS. -**Death From Below** Pyke marks an X on his target location. If an enemy is below a health threshhold, he blinks to the center of the X and executes any enemies below the health threshhold standing in the X. All enemies not below the health threshhold take that damage as physical damage rather than execute damage. If an ally assisted in the kill, the last ally to deal damage to an executed enemy gains full gold as if they got the kill. On execute, Pyke can recast the ability for a short time, the reset mechanic working until he fails to execute an enemy. This... this ability is not right. For one, it is a flat health execute on a ''support'' and it can reset for as long as there are champions executed. Just... this does not work. For a support to have an execute of this caliber whilst not offering all too much AS a support isn't right. I'd like to see the kill gold removed for the last assisting ally, removing the endless reset and capping it at ONE recast after a successful execute, AND make the execute to not have a flat health threshhold, making it into an ability that deals damage that is increased the more % missing health the enemy has, very similar to Riven's Wind Slash. -That's that out of the way, now on to the champion/item changes. I won't go too in-depth on the smaller scale changes unless they greatly affect something. -**Kha'Zix, Void Assault** Effectively a revert to the ultimate to the times from before the assassin rework. I see it being perfectly fine, if anything should be changed I feel the movement speed during the invisibility should be reduced to maybe 25% or 30% whilst increasing the unevolved invisibility duration to 1.5s. Evolved invisibility duration increased to 2.5s to compensate. Overall this would allow Kha'Zix more time to manouver around the battlefield and pick his time to strike more effectively instead of having a burst of time to think, do, execute and get out. -**Taliyah, the Stoneweaver** I'm sure everyone has seen all of the TENTATIVE changes already, everyone has heard complaints of them but I'll give in mine. This is going to be a bit of a messy one since I can't find the exact changes at the moment, but I'll try to explain them from memory. -**Rock Surfing** The movement speed buff is now static 40% instead of 20-40% (based on level), disable duration in combat reduced from 5s to 2s. This change isn't all too effective on its own, it allows Taliyah to roam faster by saving her an extra 3s earlier on. I think the combat disability should be removed entirely and the movement speed increase changed to 30% to compensate, reducing to 5-15% (based on level) when being attacked or attacking herself. This would allow the earthbender to have a proper passive active even in combat where she might arguably need it the most. -**Threaded Volley** Worked Ground movement speed removed, mana return on ability cast increased to 100% (free Q's on Worked Ground), no longer deals AoE damage. This change overall kills Taliyah's lane in the long run. If it goes through as is, she no longer can push the waves as efficiently as she'd have to use her W and E to push in fast, leaving her extremely vulnerable for ganks when she does so. On the other hand, the full mana return on Q cast on Worked Ground allows Taliyah to punish the enemy for mispositioning but... that's about it. Since the AoE is removed, she can no longer do anything if the enemy mid is smart and stands behind their minions. What I'd propose is to keep the movement speed as it is on live right now, the mana return reduced to 75% on ability cast and that the AoE damage stays, albeit being reduced to 80%(?) for any targets hit besides the main one, a la Zoe Q. -**Seismic Shove** Cooldown stabilized to 12 seconds at all ranks. Allows Taliyah to have better protection for herself. Perhaps maybe even a needed change. -**Unraveled Earth** Damage reduced(?) I am not entirely sure what the change to this ability was but I think it was heavy damage reduction. Since I cannot fully back up my statement of the damage being reduced, I cannot give my opinion. I'll need to check on my sources at a better time. -**Weaver's Wall** Wall duration stabilized to 5s at all ranks. A solid change, lessening the frustration both the enemy- and her team can get from the long-lasting wall. No real complaints about the change here, maybe keeping it at the base 6s at all ranks would be better but only time will tell. -**Conclusion** The Taliyah changes are to push her more into a roaming playstyle at the cost of her currently fine laning phase. They allow her to excel at getting down to bot and up to top faster but leaves her vulnerable to being pushed in, even when she is in lane. To most of the changes going on right now I have one thing to say; Why fix what is working. -**Marksman Items** Personally I don't have a whole lot of complaining to do about any of them, but I have one fear. That assassins and fighters decide to use any of them really and wrecking shop due to the items not being tuned for their kinds of champions. Imagine a Rengar who deals 15% of his critical hit Q damage as true damage. I don't see a problem with the items themselves as is, they work for most marksmen as is intended but I'm just afraid wrong classes of champions will pick them up and be overtuned thanks to them. -**Sterak's Gage** Unique passive is being changed from +50% Base AD to +50% Bonus AD. While some would see this as a buff due to Bonus AD scalings, I see it as a direct nerf to bruisers who build Trinity Force. Most, if not all of them, like to build Trinity and Sterak's straight after for the increased damage of Spellblade (which scales off 200% of the champion's base AD) This coupled with the lowering of the AD of Titanic Hydra and all the other changes (that I cannot find the source of at this hour) is going to hurt bruisers a lot. They are currently in a perfectly fine spot, they can actually be PLAYED for crying out loud. They stand a chance at winning lanes. With these changes and even with the two new items on the horizon I see bruiser champions dropping out of their playability and replaced with the good ol' tanks. At the moment the game is reasonably balanced, tanks see play, bruisers see play, both of these see play at all levels of the game. Do we want to go back to the days of only tanks in the top lane because support is going to be filled with Pykes and Enchanters whilst bringing a tank into the jungle at its current state is more or less a death sentence? ^ That went off a tangent but I am very emotional about bruisers, been playing them for a long time now and have been dying for a time when they can be played well enough whilst standing at least a 50/50 chance of winning a lane. For once they have that chance and these changes seek to toss them back down. I duly apologize. -**Ending** That's more or less all I can really speak about right now, I will be posting new things onto the thread once I get the hang of definitive effects, numbers and such. Will also be filling in the blanks for some of Taliyah's abilities for example. Now just to reiterate, I am not bashing Riot for doing any of this, they've created an amazing game that I find myself returning to time and time again after saying that change X made me stop playing because it affects champion Y because of thing Z. Feel free to post all of your opinions about these changes, how you would fix them yourselves if you had the chance and I implore you to challenge my suggested changes. I'd love to hear why other people think that my suggested changes wouldn't work and I'd love to have an in-depth conversation about suggested changes of your own. And yes, I know it looks horrible. It's just too late of a time for me to start properly creating a fully presentable post. I duly apologize for that. Until later, Gehrman

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