Heimerdinger: a road to spotlight

Lets be honest in current meta Heimerdinger not one of the highest pick/win rate champs what we have (and never was for 3 last years). Now all AP carry get buffed have more dmg and escapes so can easily dodge all Heim dmg. However Heimer dmg still huge but only to immovable target and thats a problem.His core item {{item:3157}} zhonya also get nerfed and give not enough (70 AP only and coldown was also increased) **How about give for this yordle alternative in playstayle.I mean like Gankplank ult modernisation {{item:3901}} or Viktor special item {{item:3198}} ** > **Thats what i perform - make his Q available to different kinds of improvements: ** 1. Q dmg increase to towers and minions (for split push top lane fellas wich like to sneaky win){{summoner:12}} Also Q dmg increases in R mode 2. Q dmg increase to champions (for mid lane carry){{summoner:21}} 3. When you in q range health and mana regeneration increase for each Q turret (like his passive now) and also deal more dmg to monsters (including drake and nash) Solo nash at 20? :D {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:11}} Heimer be able to buy this modifications in the shop like Gankplank or its will be item like the Viktors one. If do it like item then will be great if this item also have some unique active like {{item:3157}} Zhonya or {{item:3152}} Hexteach protobelt or maybe Banner{{item:3060}} . Every kind of improvement have one of this active. For split push (1) its will be banner{{item:3060}} for AP Heim (2) zhonya{{item:3157}} and for the last one (3) hextech {{item:3152}} (im not sure about this one). Also need to do Q turrets a little more tankynes on 10-15% because any ADC can destroy it from 1 auto without consequences or increase Q range instead. I wanna focus your atention on this because Q its all protect what Heimer has and he is helpless without turrets. Of course cost for 1 turret also will increased to 10g. I have also great idea about his E so leave comment below if you interested in ;D {{champion:74}}
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