It has been a while now that lethality doesnt seem to work as intended (I guess), what I mean is that lethal builds tend to punish squishy-er champions intead of tanks (and close to tanks at times too). I am not sure if rito intended it this way so if tanks suppose to counter lethality it is kinda ridiculous, because most tanky champions are slow ( uh hmm {{champion:31}}) vs a buncha assassins with some extream movement speeds (like {{champion:107}} ). if it worked the opposite way maybe it would be better, like making lethal work only if a certain champ has certain max hp % than you, then you do some bonus damage to that champ + ignore some of it's armor. making basics and skills worth that item and letting squishies less harrass since it will give you HP as well to counter some effectivness. Edit; Many seem to not understand the concept of what I am talking of, another reason this specific change to lethality building will counter tanks ( e.g {{champion:86}} which can build current lethality and still get free defences from his W passive...especially now with his W buffed) building it since if it will work only vs champs with more max hp and armor than you it solves many unffair/unhealthy matches of those builds
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