Is it less of an achievement to rank up as utility support?

I made this post because I would like to know everyones opinion. It is like this: I have mained support since I started playing ranked in season 3. I picked it up because back then you had to call your role and you get what you get depending on pick order. Support was the least wanted role in lower elos and I did not like to argue. Therefore I played support most of the time. I love ranking up and try get higher. So I ended up playing support all the time and Im basically really bad with other roles. All seasons I have played prior to season 7. It felt good to play support and I worked myself up in ranks bit by bit. But ever since s7, more and more I get harassed for playing Janna, Sona and stuff. Getting called egirl, someone accusing me to having others duo boosting me. Even when I played solo. And then people always say that it requires no skill to rank up with the champions that I main. This made me feel rather bad. Last season I ended up D3 and peaked D2. I avoided duoing with others because I didnt want others to insult me about being boosted. I really want to try get least d1 this season. It is not easy. And if I make it there I would be happy. (If not then i will try harder for it) But because of all the stuff people claim that playing janna to high elo is 'easy'. It makes me unsure. I want to rank up and 'deserve it', you know. I feel rather pressured that I should be able to play mid or adc and rank myself up than support. Because then it would 'count'. That only then it would be a real achievement to rank up. What do you guy think about ranking up as utility support? Well, without duoing ofc. Would they deserve their rank the same way as say: a midlaner, top, jungle or adc ranking up? Or do you think it is just smb getting lucky/playing 'easy' champions n stuff...
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