301K Mastery LeBlanc in-depth discussion and thoughts.

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#Foreword I'll preface this with saying that I'm a well-seasoned player on both Ahri and LeBlanc. With 326,000 mastery points on Ahri, and just over 300,000 on LeBlanc. So I'd like to think I'm experienced enough with each to at least have some semblence of knowing what I'm talking about. My thoughts in a nutshell are; whilst their damage is indeed admirable, they both feel very clumsy, and lacking the assassin vibe. I'll be doing another similar post about Ahri. Strap in, this will be a relatively long read. *** #LeBlanc *** > ##Combos Regarding LeBlanc's revert/rework, Riot said this: *"We wanted to reinforce LeBlanc's identity as a combo-based assassin who cared about the order in which she cast her spells"*. Changing her ult to be determined by the previous ability cast **reduces** the amount of combos LeBlanc can cast, so I don't understand this change at all. *** Most combos LeBlanc now casts will have a **QR** in there somewhere, except in the rare occasion that keeping someone cc-locked is better than 100-0'ing someone in a quarter of a second. So be it **QR**W, E**QR**W, WE**QR** or W**QR**E. Those are going to be about 80% of the all-in combos you'll be performing. This is because that sheer damage on those spells are the core of her kit now. Whereas before LeBlanc was indeed focused on her passive (which Riot criticised as being simply: *"LeBlanc didn't care about the spells she used, just instead about procc'ing the passive"*), what is important to note is that she was thinking about which spells she should cast, and in what order **in order to proc that very passive**, meaning LeBlanc players were heavily invested in which combo of spells they should be casting. *** Their original claim is not only unfounded and flat-out wrong, but this solution does not fix the problem, it makes it _worse_. *** > ##(W) Distortion (Her Dash) Regarding LeBlanc's **W**; most seasoned LeBlanc players will feel the dash speed change heavily. You will overestimate your W with a guarantee. I imagine most will be able to get used to it, but you will feel slow and clumsy, not at all assassin-like. This isn't a huge issue, but I thought it's worth mentioning that it does slightly detract from her thematic feel. *** The most important thing regarding her **W** is that since the removal of her old passive, much of LeBlanc's damage has been pushed onto her W to compensate. The problem is now you are completely **dependent** on its damage. Before; **W** was used primarily as a gap close, dodge or escape. It was cheap, and the damage it offered was so low it wasn't important to use the spell for damage. What that meant was that mechanical plays such as dodging important spells were much encouraged, and LeBlanc players had to think carefully about how exactly they wanted to use the **W**, which spells needed to be dodged such as Charm, Shocking Orb, or Scatter The Weak. In addition to exactly where is the best position to be; to the side of the minion wave to land E? Or perhaps in a straight line between you and the enemy for as close a range as possible? *** Comparably; LeBlanc is reliant on **W**'s damage now, thus in the vast majority of cases; those options are simply not worth considering. It's not worth using W to gap close or to dodge spells without landing the damage because you'll simply burn through your mana for a very weak trade on a long cooldown. These decisions no longer enter into a player's mind because they are simply too inefficient to bother with. Ultimately this means that you will be focusing on using your combo as fast as you can possibly push your buttons to minimise the chance of counterplay. *** A second and **very important** thing worth considering is: **LeBlanc's effective range has been halved**. What do I mean by this? Her ranges haven't changed at all. Well what I mean is; pre-revert LeBlanc could use **W** to close the distance, to put her in range of her other spells as a viable option, as you had enough damage from your passive to ensure kills or heavy harass. However now LeBlanc is _reliant_ on her W's damage, this is not an option anymore. She must be in range to land **W** if she plans on harassing or killing. *** > ## (E)Ethereal Chains This one will only be very brief. The back-weighting the damage on the root is a nerf, and the shorter chain length is also a nerf. However the combination of the two hits quite hard. Because not only is the majority of the damage on the root, the root is also harder to proc. It's a harder nerf than I believe was anticipated. *** Secondly; I feel as though the chain projectile speed is slower. This is merely a hunch, and have no confirmation. I suspect what has happened is that there is a fixed time for her chain to reach max range, and with the reduced range and the time staying the same has the effect of reducing the projectile speed. Either that or the cast time is slightly slower. Again; no evidence for this except 300,000 mastery worth of experience and a "strong feeling". So take this with a pinch of salt. *** > ##Counterplay If my enemy struggle to counterplay against me, I don't mind so much. I mean it's me who's gaining the LP. But I know that counterplay is a huge concern of everyone reading, and Riot themselves. So with that I'll say the sheer number of times I've 100-0'd someone in a quarter of a second just in one game is deeply concerning, I would put a few clips in, but this post is long enough. Clarity and counterplay are quintessential to competitive games, and currently LeBlanc doesn't provide much of the latter. *** The counterplay you'll probably be using versus LeBlanc is vision, wave control, and objective control. Do not rely on mechanical counterplay or reaction times. A LeBlanc worth their salt will kill you in less than the average human reaction time of 250 milliseconds. These problems are problems that were simply not present with pre-revert LeBlanc. *** > ##Shadow of the Rose A true shame to see this go. Riot's claim was _"the clone’s most effective uses are scouting and blocking skillshots, which don’t fit with the deceptive illusionist fantasy"_. I think this is nonsense. Wukong's clone can block skillshots. Shaco's clone can block skillshots **and** scout. Even Tibbers can scout. Wukong and especially Shaco I think most would classify as "deceivers" - that is, those who use mechanics to confuse or trick their opponent to gain the upper hand. LeBlanc is **THE** Deceiver. I feel being able to block skillshots with an absolutely monumental cooldown on her **R,R** was fine, because not only was the aforementioned cooldown huge, it was incredibly difficult to pull off reliably given that you had no control over the clone. Quite frankly I think being able to pull that off should be rewarded, not deleted from the game. *** Regarding her clone scouting; I can concede that this may have been an issue, but it's simply fixed by removing/reducing its vision radius, or giving it a cast range instead of it being global. Much more sensible than completely altering her entire kit. *** > ##Thematics The changes to LeBlanc have not encouraged that she deceive - that is to say her kit is not aligned with the expected thematic of trickery and deception. Her W is not for dodging, but for damage. Her Shadow of the rose (**R,R**) is gone. The only thing that remains is her new passive Mirror Image. Which is primarily an anti-burst tool, and barely more useful than the old passive effect of using her ultimate with Q, W or E. She is a pale imitation of **The Deceiver** that she once was. *** > ##Final Thoughts This change has removed mechanical counterplay, reduced the number of her possible combos hugely, removed purpose and possibility of her W, reduced her effective range, and hugely diminished the thematic feel of deception. The only ones pleased by this change will be those that were unable to grasp the new and complex kit that the assassin rework provided, and missed the thematically minimalistic and absent of counterplay pre-assassin-rework LeBlanc. *** #The question remains; Given that the previous iteration of LeBlanc had much more counterplay, many more combos, a clear place in the meta, a well-executed "deceiver" thematic, and was neither overpowered nor underpowered, what in the name of God was the true motivation for the rework?
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