Annie's place in this meta

Hi everybody, I'm an annie main and playing her since the beginning of the game. And yet i feel like the balance team staff completely forgot about her. Buffing MR tank items, and the banshees change, just makes it even harder for her in this meta. Annie suffers against most meta midlaners at the moment : Syndra ; Orianna ; Taliyah ; (...) ) And most of other midlaners who can easily out range her. I wish something could be done to make her more viable. Like the buff made to nunu for example, where he starts with his 5 stacks. For Annie to be able to start Q and still have her stun could help a bit, even though it isn't a big buff. Another one that could be nice, would be to reduce tibber's movespeed and add a slow on him on the other hand to make the liandries damage passive increased. I'm not sure what ajustments could be made to make her better at the moment but i think she definitely needs it. Annie relies waaay too much on her flash post 6, which makes her very good when she has her flash, but one of the worst champs when she doesn't. All annie depends on is her flash, i wish something could be ajusted to make her viable and not only dependant on her flash. Thanks

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