Is there any new information about the next Mage?

As a League player who - with the exception of Katarina - mainly plays mages in the midlane, I cannot help being exited for the next one. From what I've seen on Reddit and YouTube, it's gonna be a mage designed by CertainlyT. Looking back at his previous creations, it only hypes me up more. But other than the designer, I have never found any more information, which makes me quite sad. Is there anyone here who has heard more about the new Mage or do I have to wait it out until a teaser finally arrives? I don't care about how minor the information might be, I just want to know something more. Like the gender of the Champion or if he or she will be released with or after the 7.22 patch. Even something small like that would satisfy me for now. In any case, thanks in advance.
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