I think some of the damage should be redistributed from mobility abilities on LeBlank and Fizz

And redistributed on other abilities on the champions. Right now people just max out there mobility Nuke because it not only gives tons of AOE damage it gets lower cool down giving them an excuse to play the game in a dumb unsafe way that has low risk and high reward making it almost impossible to outplay the champions for pretty much anyone who is not a tank or another mobility champion. In my opinion removing some of the damage from spells such as Playful trickster or Distortion and moving them to other abilities will make people level the ability past level 2 only in specific cases. Instead of as it now stands just max it out as early as possible in any possible situation because there is absolutely no reason to not do so. Now i think the abilities should still retain some of the damage just to it makes late game Wave farming easier perhaps even go as far as to the the abilities deal bonus damage to minions . Honestly just taking away 30 % of the damage from the abilities and giving a 15% bonus damage to the 2 non movement ones would greatly incentivize people to actually play smart and think about what to level next.
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