How to remain calm when you found out something bad?

How do you remain calm and confident when you find out that you are up against a team with an average elo of diamond and my team is bronze and unranked? When i found that im up against such players, it just lowers my confidence already because i know im gonna get shit on. Don't ask the impossible and make me stop checking their elo, because this way i can prepare myself whether i should play try-hard or just netflix and chill and easily win, i utilize the energy i spend on my game instead of try-harding every game which burns me out and im done with LoL after 3 games. I always remain calm, i hardly talk in chat and no matter who i am up against and how badly the game goes, I am still calm and try to do my best to counter whatever is making me and my team lose. I just feel that my confident hits the floor and I will automatically do bad and **completely overestimate my opponent** only cause of his previous or current elo. Anyone can give please some advice how to deal with that feeling? By the way, great matching system riot. Thank you for that RIGGED AS %%%% match.
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