Regardless of the "Meta Champions" being played

am i the only one here, thinking that champs like {{champion:75}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:35}}{{champion:64}} {{champion:7}} are annoying as hell to play against.Like sure, there are other annoying champs that i didnt mention,but for me i find this champs really annoying for various reasons. Like Nasus is just sit and farm champion,no matter if he lose or win lane he will still stack up his Q and outscale u in terms of everything. The thing about Shaco is when the enemy team picks it, i am 99% sure that he is a Shaco main and then hell for our jungler emerges and suddenly everybody starts to babysit the jungler,not to mention that he can litterraly gank the lane out of nowhere. About the Lee and Riven thing is when the players know how to play them its immpossible to win lane vs Riven and its immpossible to not get ganked or counterjungled By Lee sin and they are both snowball champions. Well about Leboken i dont have many to say cept the thing she is toxic in lane,immpossible to gank and if she gets rolling and start roaming out of control its absolutely nothing u can do. So which champs u guys find annoying to play against?
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