Master Yi, is it truly 4v5, or just objectives and scaling vs early pressure?

TLDR(short): implied in tittle. TLDR(long): usual Yi power farming, objective focused, then stomping later. I personally dont like this style of jungler, as it cant help that one weak lane. Likewise since he only provides damage, its not like he is the best at setting up kills for lane carries; you have to make the play, he will just Assist or KS (open to interpretation). Incidentally, I put in all chat, "first time Yi" while their Olaf top put "better jungle wins, Yasou no objectives", so sure it may be demolishing if you are that loosing lane while your Yi power farms, but consider how it is for their team hearing all these neutrals going to your team, or their jungler flaming from being constantly invaded and loosing buffs. So I finally did what I almost never do, and go jungle, to make it worse something I almost hate to see in a game... First time SR {{champion:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} HP shred lols Our team: {{champion:31}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:43}} I know non standard bot-lane, but they were premade duo and its still quite meta with double support items (which they didnt do sadly). Their team: {{champion:2}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:99}} Yasou would most likely start red, him being on red side making red buff top, meant a free invade sneak invade. Lux was caught scouting so free FB to our team, and free blue buff for me. I proceed to power farm and secure triple buffs and only one scuttle but well ahead of the curve. Meanwhile our mid didnt respect range vs melee early levels and was chipped down and started spam pinging me. What am I going to do, run at vlad who has HP lead, is ranged, and can pool? Yes run at him and waste time and reveal my route - continues farming, back pinged the mid. Meanwhile top is soaking Yasou bad ganks, but going 1 for 1. Our bot is going aggressive but ahead just. I ask about their sums, but no reply and no neutral, let alone deep vision from our team, so no pre-six gank. Full clear, first back was {{item:3715}} {{item:1001}} {{item:1042}} , (greed on dagger should have pink ward stocked). Vlad takes our Qiyana, I pick up the counter kill and back to farming, including another triple buff route and scuttle. Our Pantheon "ADC" doubles but dies, and with a mountain on the table play safe and back for {{item:1419}} {{item:1042}} 2x{{item:2055}} to head for the mountain drake. Pan nicely gets ezreal dead, so free solo mountain drake while. Yasou (as many do) YOLO's into this fairly fed Pantheon and dies. Im two levels up on Yas at this point. But mid is tilting spam pinging, so I have to mute her, I relieve pressure when I can and his pool is down, but not wasting time or revealing my route unless it achieves something (crash their tower for rest, freeze our side, blow their sums, or kill/assist). So I pick up herald. Vlad is becoming a problem, but since Cho rushed bramble vest vs the double AD conquer threat top side I figure we have some grevious wounds vs him and have a chance... until Qiyana rage quites under tower, feeds, and Cho starts to be vocal about my play-style. I mean its not what I like doing, but it's what this champ kinda has to do, a bit, due to the squishy no CC nature he has. Anyhow game stalls out as its now 4v5 with damage control, I sneak an ocean thinking its worth vs the Ezreal + Lux siege. Im pinging herald for a push, hoping cho would assit me, as he was pushing bot t2, but sadly with vlad intercepting me at blue while my ult is down and he uses his, the herald gets a charge off without minions or backup (cho bails) and Im left to get away with 20 Hp keeping flash because {{item:2031}} is OP. I just avoid grouping, splitting where I can, being able to 1v1 vlad in a stalemate, but also at a different time picking off Ezreal solo split. A few bad fights defending towers, means they have huge push for double tower mid and inhibitor. With both side lanes now pushed, I retreat for the cloud and a back. Thankfully Qiyana returns, and a half decent teamfight middle, followed by a respawn and subsequent fight that goes better transitions into a baron, which gets out map control even, while the inhibitor respawns. Then it just becomes the usual Yi BS as I get use to the CDR of Q alpha dodging their CC.

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