See, this is why Dynamic Queue is ridiculous (If you want Bronze-like stories, check this thread)

It literally depends on who has the better premade. I just had the most amazing game against a really, really weak team. Can't land skillshots, can't ward, can't even last hit. But I lost. Oh yes. They were bad, but at least they were trying to win, and that's all it took. You see, a team with {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} can fall behind a lot, but will eventually recover by farming. And if you're the only one trying to peel, how do you actually protect anyone on your team? On one hand you have Trynda critting' on every 2 autos, on the other you have Yi with huge MS and a frozen mallet just to be even more annoying mowing you, and your team. And if you actually manage to deal with them, {{champion:105}} if going to finish you off. Either that or a random {{champion:81}} ultimate. So, I should just snowball on their weak early game right? Well.. I tried.. You see, the enemy Thresh couldn't land a hook unless I wanted to be hooked. He suffered the Blitzcrank Syndrome, whenever the Q was up he'd try to use it. It was really good to abuse it. You see, I was playing {{champion:89}}. If I do my combo correctly I can have my ADC do something around 200 extra **magic** damage over the course of 3 auto attacks due to my passive. That's not even counting on my own damage with my abilities. Even better is when the enemy thresh isn't tanky early on, an auto-Q-auto-E-auto combo from me at level 2 got him to half health. Just me alone. Oh boy we're gonna snowball so hard... I thought. Well, turns out I have been playing caitlyn wrong all the time. When leona stuns the enemy Thresh that is at half health that just facechecked the brush she was in, the correct proceedure is to use my W and not auto attack at all. You see i'm marking my position so he won't come again!111!!!1! Hell if Leona magically manages to bait out Ezreal's E and CC him for almost 2 full seconds I'll even place 2 traps! I'm sure he's not even gonna walk away. At that point I tried to explain her what Leona's passive does (and even if I was any other champion, it's FREE damage), but, no reply. But even better is when Master Yi ganks because for some reason she started spamming Q on the wave, and when Yi uses his Q into her, she instantly used her E+Flash, bringing Yi along with her, but putting him too far from me to even be able to ult. And evidently once she died I had Yi blocking my path to the turret and was killed aswell... oh well. Oh, did I mention that the enemy team took 2 Heralds, 4 Dragons and 2 Barons? Yea, best part is only on 2 ocasions (the last drake+baron) those weren't warded. Heck, we even managed to kill the enemy jungler and toplaner when I roamed top and had a free herald for the taking. Our jungler decided to ignore and just run to the drake pit (which they had wards in, and he knew), proceed to get caught by a fizz camping in a bush, and in less than 30 seconds not only they took the Dragon, but also the Herald. OH JOY. Humm.. what else? Oh yea, our Singed built a {{item:3070}}. What's wrong with that? His first item was {{item:3027}} . He built the tear **33 minutes** (Yes, over HALF AN HOUR) into the game. I almost shedded a tear myself. Speaking of Singed, at one point Tryndamere was splitpushing top and we sieged. For some reason Trynda TP'ed mid instead of keep splitpushing (we couldn't even attack the turret, much less engage 5v4 - goes to show how bad their team was). Even better is that a random Fizz started walking behind us (walking on top of my 3 wards), and for some reason, Singed Towerdove the enemy team and started running in their base, with 4 chasing him. At the same time my team decides to try to chase fizz even though he was just jumping over walls trolling around. Result? Yea, Singed Dead, Fizz alive and for some reason, Lee Sin decided to engage into the enemy team, kicking Master Yi into the low health Caitlyn. Ahhh feels good. Did I mention the time I had to defend 2 siege minion waves at the same time alone while my team chased the enemy Thresh? Or the time Lee Sin tried to kill Master Yi who was low by ONLY using R (not even RQ or QR). Yea, he didn't kill yi, he threw Yi over a wall and he just walked away. On the plus side Caitlyn actuall got first blood. Although, that was because Thresh, being the mastermind he is decided to Q into me. He had 200 hp. Caitlyn didn't even hit him. How did she get the kill you ask? Because I let him Q me and he jumped. He landed on a (meant for the previous trade) Caitlyn Trap. Best part is Caitlyn tried to use her W again. Then thresh walked away and, instead of killing him when he stepped on a trap (and using her increased range) she tried to trap, had thresh go out of auto attack range, and then {{summoner:4}} to kill him. But the best part is, we were actually winning. We had a good lead. We could even 4v5 them (that happened). But for some bloody god knows why reason, they decided to keep chasing, farming half a wave, recalling, farming another half a wave, recalling again, never take dragon/herald. Refusing to let Singed splitpush (or rather, when Singed could splitpush he'd just walk around our jungle farming camps) ----------------------------------- Basicly, I had the shittiest game, which I lost. I can peel, I can pick people off. I can ward, I can sweep wards and let others take the little gold it gives hoping it can help.. I can do my best. But if your premade is better than mine, I've pretty much lost the game. Really needed to vent that.
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