Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction

Midseason Durability - Goals and Direction
Hi everyone, In the near future, some changes to durability in League are going to hit the PBE in anticipation of the upcoming midseason patch. Before that happens, I wanted to give some brief info on what kinds of things you can expect to see, as well as why we wanted to work on these things.
Ok, we've all seen midseason update. Here are my thoughts: > So in this case, Sunfire Cape has 75 less Health but 10 more Armor. Beating up an already [dead horse](http://champion.gg/champion/DrMundo/Top){{champion:36}} . Dr. Mundo hasn't gotten rework since 2009 (yes it's been 8 years) while {{champion:13}} got 4 reworks out of which all were broken af. Talking about champion diversity and not playing favorites. >This positions it as a great choice when you know you need to get in the middle of the enemy team regularly, but not so attractive if splitpushing is a core part of your strategy. Cmon, split pushing was killed in season 7. For it to revive, something has to be changed: 1. remove empowered recall when having baron buff (so that trading an inhib for baron when behind becomes an option) 2. remove automatic homeguard bonus post 20 minutes 3. if not 2. then have it modified in this way: when having both nexus turrets grant a small MS bonus; for each individual turret in particular lane give additional bonus i.e. for lanes without turrets no bonus. This way the path to lane that has been split pushed doesn't provide the homeguard bonus strength that we know today, while not hampering offensive capabilities once taken baron (along the winning lanes). edit: formatting
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