Fizz is unfun to play to against

Fizz is one of the only assassins in the game that completely ruins the experience of the game. Other than lane faze its extremely difficult to accomplish anything vs him as a mage or and adc. And I understand that is the purpose of an assassin but compared to other assassins fizz is the most annoying to deal with. It never feels like he outplayed you, even playing him is extremely unsatisfying because of how powerless other champs are against you. His kit is very bare bones and his build is always the same. Every game as Fizz and vs Fizz feels exactly the same. He feels like the assassin version of allistar because of how simple he is. He has the same effect that the old Yorick had. If you were going vs him then you are not going to have a fun game. I know his win rate is only slightly above average and I'm not saying hes op. Just that he makes the game unenjoyable.
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