"Eternals will now be separated into two set types: Common and Unique. Common sets will only include broadly-applicable Eternals, such as Kills, Objectives Destroyed, and Takedowns. They’ll be available year-round for 225 RP and twice a year in the Essence Emporium for 3500 BE. Similarly to chromas, they’ll only enter the Essence Emporium once they’ve been live for six months, but as a special launch celebration, all Common sets will be available immediately in the Essence Emporium. Each Common set will contain three Common Eternals per champion. " That 3500 Be cost is questionable , when you have likely 100 + champions ... , now let's say you ain't good at a champion if you later don't buy this ethernal on emphorium sale (twice a year avaialable) , then you will have to spend rp to actually have eternals for that specific champion... If you further more ,far of having all champions , and the Be necesary to buy for most of them this eternal tracker , then sadly you will be more than sure forced to achieve that on Rp. Basically everyone who masters more than 10 champions will already need 35 000 Be to buy for 10 champions eternals tracker ... , and is not just that ,but the lvl up system gives you quitly low Be... , don't you think riot ?? , i mean of where we can get Be to buy and champion and eternals if we get 800 Be per level up. for 10 eternal common sets we would need 44 levels... , and that's likely making this a grinding game ... ,because new players will have no chance to buy and champions and to take eternals trackers... ,which in my opinnion ,then shouldn't even be the case to introduce something what not everyone can enjoy. I also think from what i seen in that gif in the article... , i think the achievments poping up and showing me someone stats , don't sound good ,expecially in big fights ,where i must click enemy ,and having such an achievment pop-up in my click would probably mess with my vision over enemy and attacking them... . So i suggest you to give us a disable button for that too ... , not everyone want to see someone achievments while that affects my ability to hit enemy and distract my attention when aiming to kill someone...

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