Getting wrecked in Ranked... Wtf should i do?

First of all, i'm not a great player, just average/below average. Like to stick to same champions and just try to win games. We've all had those streaks of bad games, we all had those streaks of bad teams, i never opened a thread about any of that. But damn, something must be really fucked up with my karma or i just unlearned how to play this game, and thus, my team underpeforms because of me. I've had 10+ or so games in which my team was just outperformed by enemy team. Either we get crushed, or one of our lanes gets crushed. I jungle normally, but they die so early and so fast, that i'm unable to have an impact whenever i get the chance to help them out. And if i try to babysit one lane, other lanes get crushed as well. I'm in a wreckfest. The game ends and i think to myself "well, this can't be like this with every game", and i keep thinking this until i've reached a 9 losses our of 10. Now i'm thinking "what the fuck is going on?" Has the game changed that much recently? Is there something in the current matchmaking system i'm not aware of? I've stopped playing LoL for a couple of months, made a game every other week, but damn, things can't be that changed! I'm not saying i'm the best player in my teams, it's probably my fault we're losing... I've even decided to take other lanes, mid, support, top, shit keeps happening. We just keep getting wrecked. Right now, i feel like the odds of finding a more balanced set of games is in normals, because for some reason odds are against me at the moment in terms of team balance.
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