How to NOT get upvotes (posts version)

EDIT: if this post gets 10 ~~upvotes~~ downvotes, imma be making a comments version of this. -mustafa2881 -_- first of all, do a clickbait category, you can see i got mine in champions and gameplay. and second thing do a clickbait title, i didn't use this because ya know, anyways -_- 3rd step is to say something really annoying {{champion:103}} is an ugly girl and i don't want to make up with her, i prefer to make up with {{champion:6}} than her. or {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} are balanced, real balanced, same with syndra and viktor! or you can just post something that you love trump. -_- 4th step, make sure your english is REAL BAD omg haw do i do hthis? itis relly herd to do! halp me! -_- 5th step, being stupid/not explaining that much i have yasuo bug my Q misses (did not explain how to trigger this bug and the server and map and whatever.) i hope you enjoyed this guide on getting downvotes, downvote if you ~~liked~~ disliked this guide!!!
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