Can you finally nerf Graves base dmg?

You made a tanky aoe assassin with huge AD scaling that literally can outduel any other champion and with one lifesteal item heals for half hp with one auto, but yet you gave him the highest possible base damage in the game. This is just ridiculous. He is a late game carry and yet his damage early allows him to kill any squishy champion with 2 autos and QWR at level 6 without any advantage. If thats fine for Riot I wonder why Kassadin has been reworked. Currently Graves isnt really different. Sorry. He is. He is also tanky which completely negates any trade you can do with him. Currently he can be basically played at any role (not counting supp and midlane, though he can counter assassins in midlane which are most common now). Instead of adding him as an adc just write in client at champion description that he is assassin adc juggernaut. It will save people from being dissappointed when they face him and actually see he is not at all a squishy adc. To be honest Graves before rework was 100 times better in terms of balance and gameplay.
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