New Champ Idea

so i was thinking about a champ that uses magic to manipulate a levitating sword/dagger (i will add pictures for this) its kind of like Irelia but with just one magic sword/dagger levitating in front of her/him. i tried to find some pictures but it was really hard to find one that matches my idea.. but its just to give you people at riot an idea, and one thing that i found was, searching for "magic levitating sword mage" would bring up a picture of Irelia (at lest for me it did).. how ever the idea of one of the abilities is like adding some awesome animation on the hands of the character moving in a circle or something making the sword/dagger do something else and adding a magic circle of some sort (for example the magic circle from High school DxD. it can be seen pretty often for example in episode 3 when they fight the stray devil Vice). Magic circles kinda like this ( and
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